Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More News...

I wanted to send out a quick note and prayer requests...

Milla has not had a good weekend.  Her seizures have picked back up - and she may be having 1 or 2 new kinds of seizures as well.  We are not sure really what is going on.  What is a seizure, what is a side effect of medicine, what is a neurologic issue...we just don't know.

She is completely out-of-it-at times, she is falling a lot, she is still having her screaming fits, and of course, the seizures.

So I found out this morning that Milla's doctor wants her back in the EMU (Epilepsy Monitoring Unit) at LeBonheur at the end of the month when he will be there.  We are scheduled to go September 30th for the week unless things improve by then.

While I am thankful for the extra monitoring and care (and possibly answers?!) this will provide, I feel a bit sad and defeated as well.  This will be her 3rd time in the EMU since April...and we are still no closer to knowing what's going on and/or decreasing her seizures.  Not to mention the stress it puts on Milla and the other 2 girls.  And Frazer and me.  And our friends and family as y'all shoulder this with us.  It's just a lot and I feel heavy anticipating having to go back again.

Please pray for all the planning and scheduling that has to be done for that week...that all will fall into place and that the girls will be okay with all the craziness that the week will hold for them.  They have done very well in the past but by the end of the week, they are always falling apart a little bit.

And then there's the whole selling-the-house thing.  :)  Please pray that we will have it sold by then!  I worry about Frazer and/or other people having to keep the house show-ready, etc.  The other 2 times we've been at LeBonheur, everybody just goes into survival mode and the house goes into survival mode as well.  (This mode is not compatible with trying to sell a house.)  

Another possibility is that the house sells and we have to close at the end of the month which would mean we would have to move out of our Midtown house but not into our new house (because it won't be ready by then) at the same time we are admitted into LeBonheur for a week.  

There are a number of different ways this could all shake out with the house, and bottom-line, I know God has this all planned out and all will be well in the end but please just pray for mercy for us as things could get quite insane.  And pray that we will not be anxious for anything, but we would be able to fully trust God and in His provision no matter the circumstance.

And pray for healing!  Pray that God will bring Milla's body rest and we will find a way to eliminate both her seizures AND the side effects of all her meds.  Pray that we won't need to go back to the EMU.

Thank you for your faithfulness to pray for us and for your continuing acts of love you are pouring on us!

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