Monday, September 29, 2014

Game on!

Hey y'all!  I wanted to send out a quick email tonight...

First of all, thank you, thank you for the prayers for our inspection.  It went very well!!  We have the appraisal tomorrow and then I think we are out of the woods until closing!

We go into LeBonheur (aka "The Heart" as Milla calls it) in the morning - please pray for our time there...
Pray for her to have the seizures that she needs to have that will give her doctor the information he needs to help her.
Pray that the MRI is helpful for him as well.  
Pray that we can get a handle on why all this is happening and what we can do to help her.  
Pray that she will be able to nap well while we are there and that both of us will be able to sleep well at night.  
Pray for the other 2 girls who will be spending the week with 2 sweet families...that they will have fun and will be okay being away from us and their sisters.  
Pray for those families as well as they are taking on an extra child all week - that's never easy!!
Pray for everyone's health.  I had a fever virus over the weekend and Milla woke up with fever early this morning.  But she seemed better this afternoon so hopefully she got a mild form of the virus.  Pray no one else gets it!!

And as if things weren't crazy enough, my knee filled up with fluid today - even though I spent the last couple of days in bed!  I had it checked out and drained and I'll go back to get it re-checked in a couple of weeks.  It could be torn cartilage and if it doesn't get better, surgery (fortunately, minimally invasive) could be a possibility.  Please pray that this will resolve.  I'm not sure how to squeeze in taking care of my knee while taking care of Milla's needs, taking care of the other 2 girls and packing up and moving houses. ;)  

I am so thankful we have a God who is bigger than all of this, a God who loves us more than we could possibly fathom, and a God that has sustained us and provided for us all along the way and we know He will continue to do so.  

Know that God has also used Y'ALL to sustain us and provide for us.  We are so, so, so, so grateful for you.  I praise God for you  I am humbled and in awe of the love you show us.  And you have taught me how to truly love others.

Much love and thank you for praying!!!
Dana (and Frazer)

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