Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 6th Update - Ohio

Hey y'all!  I flew back to Memphis Sunday while Frazer stayed with Elle in Columbus.  I will be here until Saturday, when we will switch out (I will go to Columbus and Frazer will come home).  

Elle is doing great - really great!  She is actually talking and walking better than she has in a month.  Not sure why.  She hasn't received any new medication yet, but we are excited to see her doing so well!  She is just hanging out in Columbus this week, with a few appointments for therapies and an eye exam; but mainly just letting her surgical site heal.  She hasn't seemed to have any pain at the site and has had no complications at all.  Praise God and thank you for praying for her!

Elle will get her first infusion of the experimental medication a week from today, Tuesday, the 13th.  She will have to stay in the hospital for 1 night and then we will be in Columbus 1 more day after that (hopefully) and then home.

It was super hard to leave Elle and Frazer but super good to get home and to see Milla and Ann Carlyle!!  They have done wonderful without me, but I think it was good for all of our souls to be together again.  :)

Milla is still having a hard time somedays with seizures, but a little less than before.

So not much news this week so far - pray that we stay boring!  Pray we will all stay strong and encouraged even though we are split up and things are all crazy for awhile.  Pray that Elle stays healthy so she can get the infusion next Tuesday.

Much love to everyone!  God is good!

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