Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 2nd Update - Surgery Day

Hey guys - quick update from Ohio.

Elle and I have been here since Tuesday (Frazer was here for the day Tuesday but flew back home that evening).  She has had a test or 2 everyday and had an MRI at 11 (eastern time zone) and is currently in surgery.  She is having a reservoir put in just under her scalp that has a small catheter that runs into the middle of the brain - her right frontal ventricle.  It's a pretty 'routine' procedure neurosurgeons do all the time, but of course, surgeries always come with risks and nervous waiting.  Elle will be in the OR for about 3-4 hours total time (including MRI time), so we still have 1-2 hours to go.  (Oh and Frazer got here this morning before Elle's surgery.)

She will stay in the PICU for a night I think and then maybe a regular room in the neuro unit until Sunday.  We are praying there are no complications!

Frazer and I will be here with Elle together until Sunday when I fly back home for the week.  I am missing my other 2 babies like crazy but I already feel heartsick thinking about leaving Elle.  My heart won't be whole again until we are all back under 1 roof.  Frazer will be here in Ohio all week and then we will switch next Saturday.  (The logistics of all this are ridiculous but are also being made soooo much more manageable through the help of awesome people helping with the girls and with flying us to and from Columbus.  THANK YOU to those people!!!!!)

We are staying at a house my sister and brother-in-law found through Airbnb and it's just a couple blocks from the hospital.  It's so great to be able to have a house to stay in with a full kitchen and space to move around in since we are going to be here for so long.  2 nights in a tiny hotel room with Elle was long enough!!

So please continue to pray for us!  Pray for Elle's safety and recovery.  Milla and Ann Carlyle are doing okay but are missing momma - but they are also currently being spoiled by Nana (my mom) and Auntie Dawny (my sister) so I'm sure they are doing just fine!  :)

I am planning on sending out a quick word when Elle gets out of surgery to let y'all know how she is doing.  We actually won't see her for another hour after surgery until she gets out of the recovery room but we will be able to talk to the surgeon.

Thank y'all for praying!!!  We love you!!!

Elle is out of surgery and in my arms. So thankful. She is doing well. Sleepy/groggy but good. We are resting in her room.

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