Monday, July 21, 2014

Milla-willa, new house, old house, lots going on!

Hey there, friends and family!  So we just keep on keepin' on...crazy busy but hanging in there.

Thank you for your prayers for the new house inspection!  It went great!  Although the house needs some love, it is all cosmetic and the house is in great shape underneath all the ugly.  So we are moving forward with everything and plan to close on the 31st.  We are having a lot of work done before we can move in - please pray that all those moving parts will move well and move quickly so we can get into that safer place for our family.

We are also hoping to finish up projects this week in our Midtown house so we can get it listed by week's end.  Lots and lots to do!  And please continue to pray for a buyer!

So Milla had some good times last week but also had some hard times.  Her seizures started up again, although she is still having much less than before.  She's had a good bit of side effects from her meds as well.  Her doctor played around with her dosages and while the newest one does seem to be decreasing her seizures a lot, it has done a number on her neurologically.  She's had a few days of complete zombie/lethargic behavior - so much so, that she wasn't even functional and it didn't seem to be much (if any) better than having seizures.  But fortunately, her body has adjusted somewhat, and she hasn't really been lethargic for 2 or 3 days now - she will just have some zoned-out moments throughout the day.  

However, she is still having many screaming fits.  I'm not sure exactly what her little brain is going through, but she will clutch her head with both hands and just scream and scream.  It breaks our hearts to watch this - and to be honest, by the end of the day, I feel like clutching my head and screaming too.  It's hard on everyone.

She has also been waking up every night very out-of-it and upset.  It can be a struggle to get her calm and back to sleep.  Please pray for good sleep for all!

We started speech therapy last week and her therapist seems really great.  Milla went willingly with her and didn't even cry!  We are so thankful for that answer to prayer!  Her therapist wants her to come to therapy 2 times a week, though, instead of just 1 day due to the extent of her delay.  So we will be doing that and adding occupational therapy in a couple of weeks.  Please pray that she adjusts well to all this therapy as I'm sure it will be a bit exhausting for her.  

As always, our hearts are beyond thankful for you all.  I was just telling Frazer tonight that the dinners have been my life-saver.  As has been my help on Mondays with the girls.  Thank you to all that have made that help possible!!  Thank you for checking in on us, praying for us, being a part of our lives.

Much love!!

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