Thursday, July 31, 2014

Just When I Thought Life Couldn't Get Any Crazier...

Life seems to get crazier by the minute around here!

We still don't have the house on the market, but we are close!  We still have some things to tidy up and all should be (a.k.a. has to be) ready by Tuesday.  I need about 8 more arms, 8 more hours to the day and 8 more brains to process it all.  

As of today, we are the proud owners of TWO houses!  (Eeek!)  But thankful all went well at the closing today so let the demolition begin!  After going round and round about when we should move, we decided it would be best (and safest) for us to wait until all the work is completed on the new house before moving in.  The last thing we need is a bunch of nail guns and drills lying about for curious hands to get ahold of or cords to trip over, etc.  I'll take a couple more months of dealing with the stairs (to which we are at least accustomed).  

It's probably also better for Maddy, our dog, who is old and is a scaredy-cat (sp?) and who, after getting spooked by the work taking place on our bathroom, decided to wander off (collar-less) and get lost while it was 105 degrees last Saturday.  Did I mention she's a husky mix?  Therefore, Maddy and heat are not a good combination.  After an evening and night of sadness and worry, we thankfully found her with a sweet family that had taken her in for the night.  We weren't sure we could take anymore stress but God was merciful and reminded us that He cares for all parts of this family.  :)

So...back to the move...we are hoping and praying that the house will be ready by the end of September.  It's a tall order though, as we are having the kitchen gutted and re-done. 

This is also all assuming we don't get kicked out of our house before then.  :)  Please pray for perfect timing with selling, not having 2 mortgages but needing a place to live until the new house is finished.  It's a lot to juggle so I am genuinely glad that I am not ultimately in control.

I have a super specific prayer request in regards to the house(s)...the house will officially be listed on the market Friday, August 8th...and that weekend we will hopefully have many showings and an open house.  Please pray that we sell the house THAT weekend!!  It will be quite the challenge keeping a clean, clutter-free and dog-hair-free house, especially with Milla's seizures increasing again (I'll get to that in a second), lots of therapy, and Ann Carlyle starting kindergarten and all that goes into being (me and her!) first-timers in elementary school.

While I'm thinking of it, please pray for Ann Carlyle as we are starting to really see the effects of her world being shaken up.  She is getting very anxious about starting school...especially since she won't be at Snowden where she thought she would be and where one of her best buddies will be.  Too, all the changes with the move is shaking her up a bit - we are packing stuff up, boxes are everywhere, the house is being rearranged (staged) for showings.  Yesterday, we had a guy here (for staging purposes) that totally rearranged the living room.  It looks great but it really is rocking her world.  She had such a hard time going to sleep last night.   She told me she felt scared and her tummy hurt because of her new school, because of the new house, because of the living room changing, because of the way the house is looking different.  (I was amazed at how well she was able to articulate her feelings and fears!)  Her world that she has lived in for 5 years - all she's ever known - is being completely uprooted.  And her sister has seizures all the time.  And her mommy and daddy are super busy all the time.  That's a lot for anyone of any age.

And so Milla...we were doing well for awhile (with seizures) but her doctor tweaked her meds over the weekend because he was concerned about her lethargy.  So now she is having a lot of seizures again...pretty much back to around 75-100/day.  And she can still be pretty out of it/lethargic because the seizures exhaust her brain and body.  So how do we balance no seizures/bad side effects vs seizures/less side effects when either combination is bad?  I have no idea.

She had blood drawn yesterday for drug levels and we are still waiting to hear back what the plan is in light of the results.  Also, we are still waiting on the genetic test results.  I'm hoping to hear something (about drug levels and/or a new plan) by the end of the day today.  

Please also pray for Milla's therapy schedule.  As it stands, it will be very difficult for her and for Elle - I won't bore you with the details of days/times/etc.  I'm praying the Lord will just take care of the timing of everything.  And last week, the therapy itself was extremely difficult.  Milla is very behind and it was the first time I felt that she was aware of that - and it made her frustrated and just so sad.  Also I may have to sit in the therapy sessions with her because she wasn't participating last week unless I was with her.  This is fine except that I will have to figure out something to do with Elle.  I had all 3 girls last week and trying to keep Elle quiet and busy and Ann Carlyle from yelling out all the answers and Milla focused and participating was, well, it was a circus act to say the least.  I felt like I had just finished a marathon as we drove home...not to mention the deep, deep sadness that threatened to overtake me as I saw how sad Milla was.

And so the craziness continues and somehow we are still standing.  :)  Thankful for the power of prayer and the Rock on which we stand.

Love you all - 

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