Monday, July 3, 2017


Elle at the Miles for Milla's House Bike Race

Elle and a giant unicorn floaty that she wanted to take with her on a walk through the neighborhood (naturally)

Elle post-infusion feeling a little puny

On our way to the beach Memorial Day week!

Ann Carlyle in Florida

Elle loved playing in the sand and the water

A storm blew over our fence and took out the power for almost a week while we were in Florida - not cool. Thank God for sweet friends and neighbors that propped up the fence and cleaned out our fridge.

A rare night out on the town in Florida

Ann Carlyle photo-bombing the picture I was taking of Frazer and Elle kayaking in the ocean :)

A family picture at the beach - everyone is looking and smiling!

The last couple of hours on our way home from the beach were pretty rough -  Elle finally passed out and gave us 20 minutes of peace

Ann Carlyle and Lady

Lady riding shotgun - she insists on jumping in the car any chance she gets!

Ann Carlyle at Camp Good Grief

A spontaneous morning nap - sometimes life catches up with Elle and she crashes - I'll take those snuggles any day of the week.

Face paint, pjs, Guess Who game-playing and mommy's fuzzy slippers in the backyard as the sun goes down - just a day in the life of Ann Carlyle this summer (and does anyone else think she looks like a teenager in this picture?!)

This girl had suuuuch an amazing time at Camp Good Grief

Elle in her playhouse

Me and my sister, Dawn at the U2 concert that she and her husband, Jeff, took us to in Louisville, KY a couple of weeks ago - such an awesome gift and good time together for a couple of days

A day in the life of Elle - multiple costumes at one time - a superhero pumpkin that day

Elle during an infusion

Elle feeling yucky after an infusion

Another day in the life at our house - Frazer trying to catch a cat-nap and Elle (dressed up of course in her ballet leotard) doing her best to NOT let him sleep (and howbout those legs that are miles-long...)

Invitation for the Milla's House ribbon-cutting ceremony

Milla's marker was finally placed - we are thankful to have it there but it cuts deep into our hearts.  Oh how we miss that little girl.

Sweet sisters at bedtime

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