Saturday, November 12, 2016

Milla Update

Hey guys - so Milla's ultrasound was fine (thank God!) but her UTI bug is pretty yucky so we are having to do an IV antibiotic for a week.  Thankfully, we are still going home today!!!  We will just have to manage an IV at home with her...which is fine by me as long as we can be at home. Now, if it was Elle having to have an IV at home for a week...that would be a different story!

Elle and Frazer will get home around 2:00 today.  Ann Carlyle has been staying with family here in Memphis and we'll grab her sometime this afternoon to come on home.  We have 2 LPN interviews this evening (for night help) - they will start this week if all goes well.  Please pray that the interviews go well!!!

Milla is doing okay.  She still had a couple of times over-night that she wasn't doing so well and needed extra medication...seizure/spasticity episodes.  But hopefully this will continue to get better as our new medication regimen gets settled in her body.

The doctors will be by in about an hour and then maybe we will get kicked out and home by lunch.  :)

Much love!!

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