Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Aaaaand It's August

Hey there!  The fun never ends around here! ;)

Elle has had pneumonia and after a week and a half of coughing and a very high fever, she is finally on the mend.  Fortunately, she didn't have to stay in the hospital - she didn't need oxygen or IV fluid and she was able to take oral antibiotics.

So we are very thankful for her recovery but this crazy infection has left her very weak and unstable.  We are hopeful that she will gain back this strength and stability now that she is up and about and active again.

Milla also has been fighting off a cough and low grade fever.  But she is super-girl, as usual, and has kept it at bay.  We started her on an antibiotic a few days ago to make sure it doesn't progress into a pneumonia situation.  She is still coughing and choking a good bit but she is eating and her lungs are staying clear.

Please, please pray for these girls and their lungs and their strength.  

Ann Carlyle starts school (2nd grade!!) next Monday and the other 2 start their new school schedule this week.  Milla also starts back her homebound school sessions twice per week.  Add to it, additional therapy sessions for Elle-belle and it makes for a ridiculously packed schedule every week.  But after the summer and being stuck at home on the couch with sick babies for a week and a half, I'm kind of ready for the activity and the busy schedule.  

I'm sure this 'readiness' will last exactly 2 weeks and then I'll be over it. :)

Thank you for loving us!  We love you back!

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  1. You are all amazing and I pray Forrest is liking his new job. You are dealing with all of this in wonderful and spiritual strength and even on your weak days you are strong because he is strong. God bless you each and every minute!