Monday, April 25, 2016

Happy Birthday to Elle!!

As crazy and fast and busy as life always seems to be, there's always room for it to get even crazier and faster and busier, right?!

I'll jump right in...

We celebrated Elle's 4th birthday last week!!!  We are so thankful for that spunky firecracker/tornado!  :)  We had a big (huge) princess bouncy house party for her Saturday and the weather was perfect and she LOVED it.

The crazier part of life comes in with how the girls are doing.  Unfortunately, it's not good news.

Elle's balance and falling and seizures just keeps ramping up.  It's super hard for all.  I'm not sure if we are going to try to combat it with meds yet at this point or not.

Milla's bounce-back has pretty much leveled out and she is regressing a bit.  I'm pretty convinced though, that part of it, at least, is due to her getting sick.  She started getting a chest/head cold Friday afternoon and it's still going strong.  Her lungs sound terrible but she is coughing productively, which means she is moving all that junk up (and totally out hopefully).  She's been tired and clingy and weaker.  But she's hanging in there.  She is truly Mighty Milla!!

Also, I have the same cold and I am feeling pretty yucky myself.  Please pray that this infection gets outta this house asap!  

This is the second time in a row I have written under the influence of drugs...eek.  Hopefully, this time I didn't misspell something like 'route canal' instead of 'root canal'.  (Eye roll)  

So I'm keeping it super short again - just wanted to keep everyone in the loop!  Please pray for good health!

Much, much love!!
PS - I'll try to post some pictures soon

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    Johnny & Becky here. Okay, this may be a bad boo-boo to mention, and a jillion people may have sent it already (even us months ago) but we love y'all much to much not to give it a shot! Hugs, bofus