Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday Update

Hey everyone - so I really didn't feel like writing this week because it's just so hard to write the yuk and to actually see the yuk written out.  But on the other hand, I want to keep everyone updated and if I wait too long, I'll get too overwhelmed.  And then 2 months will pass.  :)  

So this will be relatively quick.

It's been a rough week.  Easter weekend was really rough.  Bottomline, we are seeing more and more progression with both Milla and Elle.

It makes my stomach hurt.  It makes my heart hurt.

Funny thing is that I still know and feel God's love and I have joy in Him.  Truly.  And that is supernatural, my friends.  I mean, how real is my relationship to Jesus if I don't believe Him when it hurts?

I read One Thousand Gifts this past week.  Found a lot of truth in there.  Here's one of those truths that struck me...

"All fear is but the notion that God's love ends."

I am choosing (most of the time) to not be fearful - but also I know that it's okay to be sad and grieve over my babies.  2 different things.  Joy is not an emotion that is 'instead of' but it is an abiding thing.  Found in Jesus alone.  Without Him, my faith is gone in a moment.

God's love never, ever, ever ends.  Therefore, what do I have to fear, really?  I have a lot of sadness about a lot of brokenness going on in our world and outside our world.  But I also know that God will make it all okay and one day, my girls will be made whole.  He has already won.  It is finished.

Thank you for everything.  Always.  Our gratitude for you is immeasurable.

Easter Sunday - extra hugs and snuggles needed

I had a lunch-date with Ann Carlyle and Milla on Monday - we had such fun :)  Her smile lights up the room.

Milla excited about seeing Ms. Melba - her one-on-one teacher at PDO - oh how they love each other!


  1. Thank you, Dana, thank you. I want to share these words with others because these words are TRUE. Thank you for choosing to cling to Jesus more than wanting to be out of this pain. It's a daily choice for each of us and one that we rarely choose well in! One of my prayers is that the Lord will continue to overflow each of you with his peace and presence continually. Love and prayers tonight (strong hug);-)

  2. These are some of the best pictures to date on this dear blog!

  3. Your words made my heart soar. Praying for your family in Jackson, MS. - Linda Tate