Monday, February 29, 2016

Chilly No More!! (For now at least...)

Hey there!  I'm so excited to report that we have had at least 3 days of BEAUTIFUL, sunny weather!  As my friend put it, I am solar-powered.  :)  Some sun on my face and being outside is just what the doctor ordered!  I know rain is on the way tomorrow, but I am hoping that spring has truly sprung.  But you never know with Memphis in March - March is when we have had ice storms and tons of snow and all that.  As Elle says, "GO-way wain!" (Go away, rain!)

So Milla has done pretty good with the scheduled valium - maybe a touch more tired but not much - and her tremors and/or seizures are better!  

Last night, she woke up crying around 10:30pm and cried for about an hour and at one point she got out the word, 'help.'  Totally heart-breaking not being able to fix it.  Her breathing was fast and labored for a bit but recovered after awhile.  I feel like these times of discomfort and sadness, although few and relatively far-between, are becoming more frequent.  And I so wish she could tell me what is wrong and what she needs.  Please pray that we are able to comfort her and that she will not feel fear or sadness or pain.

Elle had a not-so-great week but the sunshine and outside air did her good over the weekend.  During the week, her rages (crazy fits) were 24/7 (or close to it).  I felt like an abuse-victim of verbal and physical assaults at the hand of my pre-schooler.  It was so discouraging and stressful and it definitely had caught up with me by the end of the week.  I felt utterly exhausted, beat-up and so worn down emotionally.  But fortunately, she calmed down over the weekend, although yesterday, she had a TON of 'checking-out.'  Again, not sure if it is seizure activity or lack of brain connectivity, but they were split-second episodes that were literally every 5-10 seconds pretty much all day.  We hate seeing her like that - goes without saying.  Please pray that we will know how best to treat her and help her. (Oh and on a super-encouraging note, Elle is still taking her meds well!!!!!)

I truly do feel like we are all a bit refreshed from the sunshine and playing at the park this weekend.  Ready to face-down another week!

Thank you for EVERYthing, dear friends and family!!!

This has given me hope and comfort this week:
"Keep the broken-hearted sure,
Clinging to Thy cross, our cure."

We cling to Jesus.

Ann Carlyle and Elle running around at the park :)

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