Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Note from Frazer

I wanted to write and attempt to express my appreciation for the love and care you have shown and are showing our family.  Since we first experienced the love and care in the ER at LeBonheur with Milla’s first seizure in August to the cards and messages that we received yesterday in the mail and all the meals, support, service and prayer in between, please know that not only do we appreciate you, but that it has had an impact on at least five of God’s children - my family.

I have asked many of you to pray because I am convinced that prayer is the most vital thing we can do for Milla.  Please also pray for Dana and I as we struggle getting our “sea legs” under us in dealing with whatever it is that is going on with Milla on a week to week and month to month basis.  We do not know how long term this is, but we continue to ask God to heal her and perform miracles on Milla’s little body.  We pray expectantly and boldly for God to heal Milla.  I know God lives because of the manna He has provided our family through each of you over the past few months.  Please know that you are the hands and feet of the body of the living God and please rest in knowing that He is at work in this confusing and fallen world.

Please pray for us as we are meeting with two new doctors over the next month, both of which are out of town.  

Pray for a miraculous healing of Milla.  She, like us, has good days and bad days and even her good days are very hard for me and Dana.  Pray for her little heart, that she will know and see the Living God, even at 3 ½.

Thank you all for being the Body, our Aaron and Hur (Ex 17) and our manna through this.  I can barely begin to express my love and appreciation appropriately for all that you have done for us.


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