Saturday, May 31, 2014

Quick Update

So I spoke with Milla's doctor last night, because the day ended up being pretty bad. She easily had 200 seizures in the 12 or so hours she was awake.  (And Thursday wasn't much, if any, better.)

He wanted us to give her some valium to help her brain calm down - hoping 1 dose would do the trick.  And it has up until this afternoon.  We may have to give her another dose this evening.

But the main reason I am writing is because he wants to try to get her into the EMU Tuesday instead of Wednesday - he's pretty worried about her condition.  He was 99% sure Monday was impossible but was hopeful that there would be a room available on Tuesday.  

Please pray that a room will be available.  Please pray that we will be able to get all the logistics lined up (which I think we have - THANK YOU to amaaaazing friends that are making this happen).

We are kind of scared about what all this means as well.  Please pray that we won't jump to conclusions in our minds and that we will have calm spirits as we await Tuesday or Wednesday.

Oh - and not sure if it has to do with the supposed virus she had a couple weeks ago, but Milla's 2 front teeth are turning dark.  Fortunately, they are still her baby teeth, but not sure what this is all about.  :(  Just sad that there's one more thing she has to deal with...another doctor visit, etc. 

We love y'all,

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